Organ Donation

Memorial Healthcare Group implements the Donate Life Social Responsibility Project in order to increase the number of donations through increased public awareness about organ donations. With the contribution of many famous personalities, Memorial organizes exhibitions, sailing races, fashion shows and concerts dedicated to organ donations, one of the most important corporate social responsibility projects.

Memorial Art Galleries

In order to support art and culture and to ensure that patients and their relatives come across with the works of art in hospitals, Memorial Healthcare Group has launched Art Galleries. In 14 years, the Galleries which featured many works of art and exhibitions have succeeded in bringing curative characteristics of art in hospitals.

Support for Culture and Art

Memorial continues its mission of supporting art through the art galleries in its hospitals as well as sponsorship activities. As healthcare sponsor of the venues of culture and art, Memorial hosts many national and international events and continues to provide support to the development of culture and art in our country for 14 years.

Official Medical Sponsor of the Turkish Basketball Super League

From the very first day of establishment, Memorial Healthcare Group contributes to the development of sports in our country. In 2016, Memorial became the official medical sponsor of the Turkish Basketball Super League to ensure the success of Turkish basketball in Europe.

Memorial Supports Sports

To contribute to the development of all branches of sports in our country, Memorial Healthcare Group became the medical sponsor of many sport clubs such as Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor, Gaziantepspor as well as the official medical sponsor of the Turkish Basketball Super League, Agüspor Basketball Team, Antalyaspor Football, Basketball and Handball teams and Bahçelievler Volleyball Club.

Memorial Children Painting Contests

In order to increase the interest of children in art and to discover their talents in art, Memorial Healthcare Group organizes Memorial Traditional Children Painting Contest every year. Thousands of children will join the 14th edition of the contest this year.

Birth Preparation Course

Memorial periodically organizes Birth Preparation Course every year to help women pass through a careless and heathy delivery, to overcome the fears associated with delivery and to raise their awareness. The course is free and can be attended by mothers and fathers-to-be.

Heart Yoga

As the pioneer of heart yoga in Turkey, Memorial launched Heart Yoga program in 2003 for the patient that had bypass operations and for the people having the risk of heart disease. The free yoga program teaches the correct breathing techniques to relieve the stress on heart and can be attended by everyone.

Pregnancy Yoga

Memorial Pregnancy Yoga, which is organized to help to preserve physical fitness of pregnant women and minimize body posture disorders, also aims to relieve the stress of mothers-to-be. Free yoga program can be attended by all mothers-to-be for 12 years.



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